My name is Kevin Veit. My company is KVUSA.com.

I've been in business for 16 years providing custom programming and internet services for businesses and goverment agencies such as State Housing Authorities in Missouri, Texas, and New York.

An ideal client is a business looking to move to the Internet, like the company Bride's Mate.

I developed a complete system for them to sell wedding invitations and calligraphy addressing on the Internet.

This includes:

They've been selling on the Internet for over six years.

We're not talking about just advertising here, we're talking about doing REAL business and making REAL money.

My Memory Hook -- "E-Commerce: Making the Internet Work for You"

To learn how I can help YOUR business take the next step, check out my web site at KVUSA.com.

This is a sixty-second commercial used for business networking groups, focusing on the E-Commerce aspect of my business.

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