My name is Kevin Veit. My company is KVUSA.com.

I've been in business for 16 years providing custom programming and internet services for businesses and goverment agencies such as State Housing Authorities in Missouri, Texas, and New York.

My ideal client is any business or organization looking to get the most out of their investment in computers. I will help your business run smoothly and be more profitable.

My best asset is the ability to LISTEN to you, learn about your business and your dreams, and then use my wide range of skills and experience to provide the best possible solution for YOU, within YOUR budget.

I can provide:

My specialty is creating custom software, for in-house business use or for selling to a vertical market. You will not find anyone, anywhere, with as much experience creating such a wide range of systems. When you're working with me, you can be confident that you have THE expert working for you. With my 16 years of experience creating well over a hundred custom applications, you can be sure that I can provide a solution for YOUR business.

My Memory Hook -- "You don't need to be an expert -- You just need to know one!"

To learn how I can help YOUR business, check out my web site at KVUSA.com today!

This is a ninety-second commercial used for business associations, focusing on the consulting and custom software aspects of my business, positioning myself as the expert in the field.

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