St. Dismas Basketball Training Clinic 2001

  1. The training clinic will consist of eight Saturday morning sessions from January 6, 2000 to March 3, 2000.

  2. There will be NO clinic on February 10.

  3. The times for each group is as follows:

  4. Please arrive on time, as we are running on a tight schedule.

  5. Our goal is for the kids to have fun and learn about basketball.

  6. Every player should have a basketball to practice with at home. If you do not have one, we have junior-sized balls available for $5 each.

  7. A homework assignment will be given each week with several drills to practice at home. Spend some time each day with your child on these. Most of the drills can be done in the basement. Check off the items as they are done and turn in the homework sheet the next Saturday.

  8. In case of heavy snow, we will cancel the clinic. Use your judgement, as I will not have time to call everyone in the morning.

  9. Further information about the training clinic (practice plans, description of drills, etc.) is available on the internet at Click on the link for the basketball pages.

  10. If you have any questions, please contact me:

    Kevin Veit
    Training League Coordinator