1. Arrange the players in two or more lines spread across the floor facing the coach.

  2. The coach demonstrates good defensive positioning (right foot slightly in front, knees bent, right hand ready to steal, left hand ready to block a pass).

  3. The coach slides from left to right, and the players should mirror the coach.


  1. Divide the court in half lengthwise down the middle by using cones.

  2. Make two lines at the baseline, in the center of each half-court.

  3. The first player in the line is one defense, and moves back about 15 feet.

  4. The next player in line is on offense. The offensive player's goal is to run past the defensive player to half-court without being touched.

  5. The defensive player should not run forward to tag the offense, but should concentrate on moving from side to side to cut off the running lanes.

  6. The offensive player should make zig-zag moves to try to fake the defense out.

  7. Keep the same player on defense for 3 or 4 turns, then switch to another player.