Homework Basketball - Parent's Notes

1. Daily practice is very important in learning the precise skills needed for basketball. A short amount of practice every day will go a long way.

2. Your child is at a very good age for learning motor patterns. Always emphasize performing each skill correctly. Don't worry about strength at all. Your child will get stronger naturally as he/she grows. Learning the correct motor patterns will make basketball much easier and more fun when your child starts playing on a team in later years.

3. The basement is a good place to practice. You don't need much room, just about 10-12 feet for passing, and a surface for dribbling.

4. Pivoting - If your child is right handed, the left foot always stays on the ground. Keep the right hand behind the ball, left hand on the side, and step forward and back with the right foot.

5. Dribbling - Sitting Down dribbling is a very easy and fun way to learn dribbling. Sit with the legs crossed Indian style, and dribble on the outside. Always work the left hand first.

6. Passing - Passing is always with one hand. Keep the right hand behind the ball, left hand on the side. Have the right foot slightly in front, push the ball with the right hand, and wave good-bye as you pass.