Contract for Basketball Players and their Parents


1. SCHOOL COMES FIRST. Your grades and true classwork come before basketball. I am not talking about extra-curricuar activities. I am referring to circumstances that will affect your grades. Do your homework when you should. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR STUDYING, and school will rarely interfere with your basketball.

2. Every effort should be made to attend all learning sessions. We know that circumstances will arise when you must miss a learning session (vacation, illness, etc.). When this occurs the player is to inform their coach in advance when possible.

3. All players are to treat teammates and coaches WITH RESPECT AND COURTESY. Behavior that "puts other players and coaches down," results in profanity, or demonstrates lack of self control will not be tolerated.

***any such instance will result in the player being asked to leave the practice or the game. ***

4. A player who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, or loses control in a game will be pulled immediately and not re-enter.

5. Whether at a learning session or a game, each player represents St. Dismas. Each player is expected to conduct herself in a Christian manner toward all people we contact. We are guests at any of the places we will have learning sessions or games, and should treat our hosts and their facilities with respect.

6. Every player is expected to have their own basketball to practice with at home. To improve, daily practice at home is required, at least 10 minutes a day. Ballhandling, dribbling, and passing can all be practiced indoors with a minimum of space. Daily shooting practice (20 to 50 baskets) will pay enormous dividends.

Player Commitment

I, _____________________________, want to play basketball for St. Dismas Catholic School this season. In exchange for the privilege of being on the team, I promise to do the following:

1. Attend each scheduled learning session on time or notify the coaches (ahead of time if possible) why I am unable to attend.

2. Focus on what the team is doing and try to use the learning session time to improve my skills and my physical abilities. Listen to the coaches during learning sessions and games.

3. Practice at home for at least 10 minutes each day.

4. Treat everyone involved with our team with respect and love. This includes coaches, team mates, officials, opponents, and fans of both teams.

5. Be positive and supportive during the games by doing these things:

6. Go to the coaches first if I have a problem related to the team. I will not complain to others until I have given the person I have a problem with an opportunity to correct it.

7. Work hard to develop good habits by practicing with good form and appropriate effort. The habits we develop in practice are the habits that will determine how we play in the games.

8. Practice good health habits including getting enough sleep, eating a good breakfast, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water (and less soda).

Parent Commitment

As a parent of the above named player, I promise to do the following:

1. Influence my child to abide by the contract they have signed.

2. Have my child on time at learning sessions and games so they are not delayed.

3. Be an example of Christian sportsmanship at the games by following these principles:

4. Cooperate in helping with car pooling to games and learning sessions. Make all players riding in your car wear seat belts.

5. Contact the coaches first if you have a complaint. If the complaint is not resolved, we can go to the Basketball Coordinator or Athletic Association president together for arbitration.

Coaches Commitment

We, the coaches, promise to do the following:

1. Treat each player like we would want our own child to be treated, regardless of ability.

2. Give each player approximately equal practice time in all scrimmages and drills.

3. Attempt to play each player as evenly in each game as possible.

4. Be examples of good sportsmanship and character.

5. Teach your child the skills to become the best player she can be.

6. Listen to any complaints parents or players may have and respond fairly with love and respect.


I understand that if I play on this team, I will agree to abide by these expectations described on this sheet.

______________________________ player signs

My child has shared with me these expectations, and I agree to give her all possible help to meet them successfully.

____________________________ parents signature