Game Reminders


  1. #1 - Press the ball after crossing half-court (3 point line in training league). Force ball to their left (your right).

  2. #2 & #3 - Guard a smaller player who is playing away from the basket.

  3. #4 & #5 - Guard a taller player who is playing close to the basket.

  4. Everyone - Rebounds - Grab the ball!

  5. Everyone - If you make a steal, stop and pass to #1.


  1. #1 - Make good passes to the wings. If the defense plays back, dribble in as far as you can and then pass off. If the defense picks up at half-court, make a pass to the wing after crossing half-court, then look for a pass back.

  2. #2 & #5 - Stay spread out when waiting for a pass. Move to get open. If the ball is passed to the opposite wing, cut across to the free throw line and look for a pass.

  3. #3 - Get the rebounds and put the ball back up. Make a move to get open before shooting.

  4. #4 - Start out low and wide. Move to the middle and post up. Get your hand up to receive a pass.

  5. Wings and Point - Swing the ball from one side of the court to the other, quickly. Players will be open on the weak side.

General Rules

  1. "SHOT" - When the other team shoots, yell "Shot". #2 breaks for the other basket.

  2. REBOUND - Grab the ball, turn, and pass to #1 without dribbling.

  3. MADE BASKET - If other team scores, #5 gets ball, throws in right away to #1.

  4. DEFENSE TO OFFENSE - Hustle down the floor in your lanes.

  5. OFFENSE TO DEFENSE - Run back to center of free throw lane, then turn around.

  6. TRIPLE THREAT - When you catch a pass, turn, face the basket, and get in the triple threat position.

  7. THROW-INS - #5 hustles to the ref, gets the ball, and throws in quickly. Other players move quickly to catch pass (or line up if under offensive basket)

  8. DEFENSIVE STANCE - Keep knees bent. Point to the player you are guarding with one hand. Point to the ball with the other hand.