Game Rules

These are simple things that all of the players can do during the game to become more effective players. The rules are to be followed at all times.

  1. "SHOT" - When the other team shoots, yell "Shot". #2 breaks for the other basket.

  2. REBOUND - Grab the ball, turn, and pass to #1 without dribbling.

  3. MADE BASKET - If other team scores, #5 gets ball, throws in right away to #1.

  4. DEFENSE TO OFFENSE - Hustle down the floor in your lanes.

  5. OFFENSE TO DEFENSE - Run back to center of free throw lane, then turn around.

  6. TRIPLE THREAT - When you catch a pass, turn, face the basket, and get in the triple threat position.

  7. THROW-INS - #5 hustles to the ref, gets the ball, and throws in quickly. Other players move quickly to catch pass (or line up if under offensive basket)

  8. DEFENSIVE STANCE - Keep knees bent. Point to the player you are guarding with one hand. Point to the ball with the other hand.