Homework Basketball Challenge

Goal: 30 Completed Daily Practice Sessions

Prize: T-Shirt with Basketball Logo

  1. Complete at least the Basement Basketball section of each daily homework assignment.
  2. Place a checkmark by each drill as you complete the drill for that day.
  3. Turn in the homework assignment sheets at Monday's practice.
  4. If you do your homework 6 days each week, it will only take five weeks to reach this goal.
  5. Good luck!

Monday Shooting Challenge

Goal: 500 baskets made

Prize: Wilson ProStaff Soft Touch Basketball

  1. Baskets made by each player any time during the Monday practices will count toward this goal.
  2. Count the baskets you make during Monday practice.
  3. Tell the coach how many baskets you make so that he will record it in the shooting log.
  4. If you make 50 baskets each practice, it will only take ten weeks to reach this goal.
  5. Shoot your shots as close to the basket as you want.
  6. Good luck!