St. Dismas 3rd Grade Girls Basketball 2002
A Note to Parents


Welcome to St. Dismas 3rd Grade Basketball! My assistant coach (Jerry Rhubart) and I (Kevin Veit) am very excited about this season. We have a great group of girls. We will learn a lot about basketbal this year and have fun doing it. We are looking forward to helping each girl develop as a basketball player. We should have a very exciting season.

My Coaching Philosophy

Coaches have to choose their priorities between winning, having fun, and developing players. My personal coaching philosophy is to put player development first. If a player is working on becoming better, she will have fun as she sees the improvement (in shooting, dribbling, etc). My practices are geared toward having the girls be successful through learning skills in a step-by-step progression. Winning is a by-product of player development and having fun, not a goal by itself. My task is to teach the players as much about basketball as I can. The player's task is to learn as much about basketball as they can.


Please review, sign and return the Contract for Players and Parents. Keep one copy for your own reference. I need a commitment from all of the players, parents, and coaches that we will work together as a team to have a successful, productive, and fun season.

Health Forms

Please complete the Health Form and return it at the next practice. This will be only used if there is a medical emergency at a practice or a game and we are unable to contact the parent.

CYC ID Cards

CYC ID cards are NOT required to play in the training league.

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions will be held at the Civic Center, Parker Road School and/or Combs School. We will be having learning sessions every Monday after school at the Civic Center. We will also have sessions on Friday evenings at Parker Road or Combs School. Before the season starts, we will hold some Saturday morning sessions at the Civic Center.

On Mondays, the players will need to bring a change of clothes to school (shorts and a t-shirt). We will change at the Civic Center. I will need at least one parent to help take the girls from St. Dismas to the Civic Center. You can pick up your child at the Civic Center then at 4:45pm.

The Monday sessions will be centered around shooting and individualized instruction, as this is the only time we will have many available baskets for shooting. I will be keeping a cumulative log of the number of baskets each girl makes on Mondays. They will receive an award each time they reach a new milestone (e.g. 500 baskets, 1000, 2000, etc.)



The homework assignments are very important. Daily practice is the only way to improve. I will change sections of these periodically to provide some variety. Check off the steps as you do them each day, and turn them in at Mondays's learning session. I will be tracking the number of days that the homework was completed.


We will be in two tournaments this year. We will be in the Little Soldiers tournament on the weekend of December 15 & 16. This will be held at St. Louis Christian College (off of Dunn Road by Grandview). We will also be in the St. Ferdinand Tournament, which will be played on Sunday afternoons in March.

Free Throw Contest

The Florissant Elks will be hosting their National Free Throw contest on Saturday, December 1, 2001 at 9:00am at the James J. Eagan Civic Center. This is completely free. Winners receive trophies and can advance to regional, state, and national competitions. All participants will get a free hot dog and soda. I will register all of the girls for this, so you will just need to show up. We have had winners from St. Dismas for each of the last two years. NOTE: The free throws will be shot from 11 feet (4 feet closer than normal) for the 8-9 year old division.

Training League

We will be playing in the St. Thomas Training League. Our games will be on Saturday mornings at 8:45am. The league will run from January 5 through March 30. Please arrive at St. Thomas at 8:15am.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time.

Kevin Veit
1525 Fairmount Drive
Florissant, MO 63033
(314) 837-0658