Pistol Pete's Pointers

From Ball Handling Video

  1. Ball handling skills create confidence, and the result will be more poise on the court.

  2. As running gets your legs in shape, ball handling drills get your arms in shape.

  3. If you care enough to give your best effort, your example may be contagious.

  4. If you really want to win a place on the team, pay with your dedication all through the off-season.

  5. Master your emotions; drop no tears over your inadequacies, but play hard to remedy them.

  6. Good ball handling is the backbone of good team work.

  7. Basketball is a game of habit. Learn to react, to anticipate - strive to the limits of your ability.

  8. The player who is content just to get by in practice will in games cheat himself and his teammates.

  9. You can't go full speed in a game if you're unwilling to go full speed in practice.

From Dribbling Video

  1. No athlete can play his best if he doesn't train his best. The player who practices half-heartedly will probably play that way.

  2. When you stop learning, you stop improving. Listen to your coach, because you still have much to learn.

  3. To give a top-notch performance, you must be in top-notch condition.