1. For the safety of the girls, no jewelry should be worn during the games.
  2. No pressing will be allowed at any time.
  3. The defensive team may NOT pick up the offensive team before the ball penetrates the top of the key. Once this happens, the defensive team may defend all the way to the mid-court line.
  4. Five (5) seconds will be allowed in the lane instead of the customary three seconds.
  5. During the first four weeks of the season, the league will employ the "forgiveness" rule. Under this rule, any violation that would normally result in a change of possession (e.g. traveling, double dribble, 5 seconds in the lane) will be called but the offensive team will retain the ball.
  6. The free throw line will be the short black line in the lane. This will be 12' from the basket (3' closer than regulation free thow line). The girls will be allowed to jump over the line in the process of shooting.
  7. Free throws will be shot on all shooting fouls and on every foul starting with the seventh team fould of each half. There will be NO two shot fouls after the tenth team foul in each half.
  8. Games will consist of four 8 minute quarters. The clock will run continuously with the exception of the last minute of the game.
  9. Each team will be alotted two timeouts per half. Any unused timeouts in the first half will NOT be carried over into the second half.
  10. If the store is tied after four quarters have been played, the game will end in a tie. There will be NO overtime.
St. Thomas will provide the game ball and scorekeepers.

The referees are high school students and I'm sure that they will do a good job. Please exhibit good sportsmanship and be patient with them.

In the case of bad weather, the league coordinator will call the team managers if the games are cancelled.

Please address any problems to the league coordinators (Doug Buehler and Kevin Mehegan) who will be present in the gym on scheduled game days.

Douglas P. Buehler
3655 Viembra Dr.
Florissant, MO 63034
(314) 839-0576