St. Dismas 3rd Grade Girls Basketball
Schedule of Learning Sessions and Games

January 2002

Day DateTimeLocation
Thursday January 33:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Friday January 46:30-7:30pmParker Road
Saturday January 59:00amGame - St. Thomas
Monday January 73:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Thursday January 103:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Saturday January 129:00amGame - St. Thomas
Monday January 143:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Thursday January 173:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Saturday January 199:00amGame - St. Thomas
Monday January 213:00-4:30pmCivic Center
Friday January 256:30-7:30pmParker Road
Saturday January 269:00amGame - St. Thomas
Monday January 283:15-4:45pmCivic Center
Friday February 16:30-7:30pmParker Road
Saturday February 29:00amGame - St. Thomas