Overall Philosophy

Our team's overall philosophy is best summed up by this quote from the head coach of the St. Louis Rams football team, Mike Martz:

"Here's what bothers me: (If) we don't play to our capabilities. We just have one speed, and that's full speed. And our objective as players and coaches is to get it out of ourselves every time we're on the football field. Give all that there is to give. And if we can achieve that, then you have no regrets about anything."

Team Goals

  1. Average 50 shots per game
  2. Shoot 25% from the field (this will require shooting a large number of layups and 3-ft shots - we should shoot 33% on these).
  3. Transition - Get the ball and three players past half court within 3 seconds after a steal or rebound.
  4. Defensive Pressure - Force a steal or a shot within 7 seconds.
  5. Offense - Get a shot within 7 seconds of crossing half-court.
  6. We want to average 3 possessions per minute (running clock). This would be 96 possessions in a 32 minute (stop-clock) game.