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60 Second Commercial

Your 60 Second Commercial is a very important component in your networking toolkit. You need to be able to communicate effectively in 60 seconds or less what your business does and what sets your business apart, as this may be all the time you have.

You should refine your message over and over until it is clear and fits within the sixty seconds. You should then develop a few variations of this, each one emphasizing a different aspect of your business or a different example of a good client. Both you and your employees should have these memorized, so you can explain your business to anyone you meet, wherever you are.

A good 60 second commercial will have the following parts:

  1. Introduction : My name is ______ with ______________

  2. Short Statement of what your business does

  3. Body: This will focus on one service or product, and discuss the benefits of the service. Also discuss what constitutes a good referral for you.

  4. Summation and Call to Action

  5. Memory Hook: Short, descriptive, and memorable

Here are a few articles with more tips about preparing your 60-second commercial.

Communicating Your Business in 60 Seconds by Kristin Cary
How to write and deliver a powerful 30 to 60 second commerial by Gerry Rose

60 Second Commercials of Business to Business Members:
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