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Ideal Client Profile

Your Ideal Client Profile is a tool to help you market to your ideal client. When you give this to your friends, employees, or business contacts, it will help them identify who could be a good client for you.

Here are some excellent articles to help you in creating your Ideal Client Profile.

Who Is Your Ideal Client? by Maria Marsalo
The Ideal Client Worksheet, by Maria Marsalo
Do You Have an Ideal Client Profile?

Ideal Client Profiles of Business to Business Members:
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Janet Bandera, The Bandera Law Firm, P.C.
Joseph L. Boain, D.D.S., P.C.
Marilyn Coffman, Answers for Wellness
Leo Fincher, ACS Guard Services
Jim Jones, T-Mobile
Paula Stone, Soft Touch Massage & Reflexology
Clinton Vance, Vance Financial Group
Kevin Veit, KVUSA.com Software and Internet Development

Clinton Vance, Vance Financial Group, 314-830-4957
Kevin Veit, KVUSA.com, 314-837-0658, kevin@kvusa.com

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