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CYC Sports Coordinator: Download

CYC Sports Coordinator downloads as a self-extracting compressed file titled CYCSETUP.EXE. Once downloaded, run CYCSETUP.EXE to install CYC Sports Coordinator.

Click here to [Download] Version 4.2.

Note: You may want to print this page of instructions before downloading.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, click on the "Run this program from its current location" option on the "File Download" box that comes up when you start to download. This will download and install the program automatically.

For more detailed instructions on installing CYC Sports Coordinator, see below.

Installing CYC Sports Coordinator under Windows
  • Select [Run] from the Taskbar [Start] menu.
  • Type [Drive]:\[Directory]\CYCSETUP.EXE to run the installation.
  • CYCSETUP will prompt you for any additional information it needs.
  • Installation is complete.

Suggestion: When you are downloading, take note of the drive and directory into which CYCSETUP.EXE is being downloaded. Depending on the web browser you are using, this information could be displayed before or after the download.

For your information Note: The file size of CYCSETUP.EXE is about 1 Mb. Once installed, CYC Sports Coordinator requires about 2.0 megabyte of disk space.


Click here to [Download]

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