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CYC Sports Coordinator: Version History

Version 4.2: March 13, 2003

  • Added Data Entry Help (available by pressing [F1] while Adding or Editing) for all of the fields in the Sport, Team, and Player Databases.
  • The Zip Code database will be pre-filled with common Florissant zip codes.
Player Database
  • Increased the size of the phone number field to 12 characters.
  • Added third screen for Coaches/Managers. This has the Work Number and E-Mail address.
Print Rosters - 2-Sided
  • Changed the layout to handle the longer phone number.
  • This now prints out the Work Phone and EMail address for Coaches and Managers.
  • These now have at least a 1/2" margin around all sides. This should help the printing on different printers.
  • Added the Payment Summary Report.
  • Added the Unpaid Players Report
  • Added the Player Release Form.
Supplemental Rosters
  • These will now print in the 2-page layout required by downtown CYC.
  • Added the "Export Current Sport" utility.
  • Added the "Import Current Sport" utility.

Version 4.1: March 8, 2003

Added support for the two-page roster required by the Archdiocessan CYC.

Added new "Team List" report.

Version 4.0: February 14, 2003

CYC Sports Coordinator was converted to Windows.

Support for the new Florissant CYC Roster (parish of residence, school attending, etc.) was added.

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