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CYC Sports Coordinator: Instructions

These instructions will help you get started quickly with CYC Sports Coordinator. Print out this page and keep it handy when you start using the program.

NOTE: Data Entry Help is available when Adding or Editing. Press [F1] and a description of the current field will be displayed.

Setup the Parish Name

Use the File, Setup Parameters Option. Enter your parish name and parish code (e.g. SD).

Setup the Sport

  1. Pick the "File", "Sport Database" option and add the new Sport. Make sure to enter in the Lookup Table field the name of the previous season, if you had entered players last year.

    NOTE: This may already have been entered for you by your coordinator.

  2. Pick the "File", "Select Current Sport" option and select the sport you just added.

Enter Your Teams

  1. Pick the "Team Database" option and add the teams for this year. Enter the team names similar to below.

    B5 St. Dismas 5th Grade Boys
    B6A St. Dismas 6th Grade Boys "A"
    B6B St. Dismas 6th Grade Boys "B"
    G4 St. Dismas 4th Grade Girls

  2. Complete all of the information on the "Present Season" and "Last Season" screens. This is used for the Team Entry Card.

  3. Use the [Print] button to print the Team Entry Card for each team after you add them.

Add the Players and Managers

  1. Pick the "File", "Player Database" option and add all of the players and managers.

  2. If you had used the program the previous season, you can use the pick list button [...] next to the player's name to pick the player from last year's list and automatically insert their information.

  3. Make sure to fill out all of the Parish of Registration, Parish of Residence, and School Attending fields. These are required by the new rosters.

Print Your Reports and Roster

  1. Print the "List of Players". This will list all of the information that will be on the rosters, but will fit all of your teams on only a few pages. Use this report to verify that you have all of information correct before printing the rosters.

  2. Print the Rosters. HINTE: You can print for a single team or select teams by enter the Team Name(s) in the box on the report setup screen.

Making a Shortcut on the Desktop

To make a shortcut to the program on your desktop, follow these steps:
  1. On an open area on the main desktop, click the right mouse button.
  2. Select "New" from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select "Shortcut" from the "New" Menu.
  4. For the program path, enter "C:\CYC\CYCWIN.EXE".
  5. For the program name, enter "CYC".
  6. Now you will be able to start up the program by just clicking on the icon.

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