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Founded by Kevin Veit, professional problem solver, KVUSA.com provides personalized consulting and software development services for businesses. We are experts in integrating technology and strategy to help businesses succeed. We listen to you and provide the best solution for you, within your budget. We will create a strategic plan to maximize your business through the combination of vision and implementation.

This can range from setting you up with a computer for the first time, installing a network, creating a custom database system, establishing a web presence, or creating an interactive Internet E-Commerce site. We will support your business every step of the way.

Our sixteen years of real-world experience with small and medium-sized businesses ensures that no matter where your business is now, we can help you move forward and take your business to the next level of success!

Business Strategy
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Web Presence Planning, Development, and Maintenance
Serving the St. Louis area since 1987

What's New

BNI Visitors Meeting pictures from July 24, 2003 are available. Go to More, BNI Pictures, or just click here.

KVUSA announces the newly updated KV Invoice program. This easy-to-use Windows program is ideal for small business that sell products and services. Items can be marked as taxable or non-taxable, with the appropriate sales tax calculated. Quarterly sales tax reports are generated automatically. This successful package can be used as is, or customized as necessary to match your particular business.

KVUSA is sponsoring the non-profit organization Healing Hearts with Cuddly Critters. This organization trains small companion pets for persons with disabilities and the elderly. KVUSA has designed their website at HealingCritters.org and will be providing business strategy consulting as well as a custom database system for matching pets with needy applicants.

KVUSA recently created the on-line ordering system for PlaceCards.com, a division of Bride's Mate that specializes in provided printed place cards for weddings and other occasions.

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