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About Kevin Veit

Business Consultant, Software Developer, Internet Developer, and All-Around Great Guy

Qualifications/Personality Traits

1. Listening - I've always believed that the key to successful consulting and software development is listening to people and writing things down. My most important tools are my notebook, a pen and a pair of ears.

2. Self-Confidence - This comes from the specialized knowledge systems that I have built through my years of experience. In my areas of expertise, I can tell almost immediately whether I can help you, and if so, how.

3. Pragmatic Perfection - I have an endless capacity for improving any system, always balanced by the ruthless application of the criterion "Does it work?".

4. System Builder - I combine imagination and reliability to be able to both envision a system and to convert the vision into a working reality.

5. Vision - Others may see what is and wonder why; I see what might be and say "Why not?". I enjoy developing unique solutions to complex problems.


1. Internet Development - I've developed a variety of interactive internet applications using Active Server Pages, SQL, and JavaScript.

2. Windows Applications - I've created a number of custom Windows applications that are easy to use while being robust network applications.

3. End-User Software - I have developed applications that are in use by hundreds and even thousands of users. Issues of installing updates, backing up/restoring data, on-line help, etc. are all dealt with professionally.

4. Complex Programs - Experienced with systems such as one for State Housing Agencies to calculate and track the monthly subsidy payments for over 66,000 tenants.

5. Presenter/Speaker - Frequent presenter and speaker at local computer and business group meetings.

6. Training - Conducted On-Site Training for Carpet Co-op of America in Manchester, NH, and for Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, Arnold, and Dallas.

7. Application Development - Since 1987, I have developed over 100 applications, covering a wide range of applications, from simple to complex. I am extremely good at requirements analysis and application design.

8. Low-Level Software Development - I developed many applications that required low-level programming: Serial Communications, Mainframe Communication and File Conversion.

9. Electrical Engineering Degree - I developed test software for the F/A-18 aircraft for McDonnell Douglas for six years.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

1. Digital Photography

2. Olympic Weightlifting - As a competitor and coach.

3. Coaching Youth Basketball and Soccer.

   E-Mail: kevin@kvusa.com

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