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Business Process Analysis

KVUSA is the expert in analyzing the processes of small and medium business. We will observe and document all of your existing systems and processes. Then we will bring our experience and insight to the task of asking the hard questions. We will help identify unnecessary steps and processes and find ways to combine, consolidate, and expand your systems.

We have found that this is the key element in providing successful solutions. Before developing a custom program, buying new computers, or launching a website, you need to understand your current business completely.

A great example of this was the system we developed for JORO, Inc. This company was created by a group of investors to provide management and maintenance for oil wells owned as a group by the investors. Each investor had varying percentages of ownership in one or more of the wells, and was to be billed monthly for their share of the maintenance costs.

Before coming to KVUSA, the billing process was a complete disaster. The person responsible was spending his entire month trying to calculate and send out the bills, leaving no time for the monthly on-site inspections of each well, which was his primary task. On top of that, the billing was several months behind, with no idea of whether each investor had paid for their share or not.

KVUSA analyzed the entire process to determine all of the business rules and calculations based on the contracts signed by the investors. Then we developed a computerized system to do all of the billing. Once the system was operational, the time spent on the monthly billing was reduced to three days and payments were received on time. This allowed the oil well maintenance expert to spend his time in the field where he belonged, rather than behind a desk.

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