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Creating a Plan

After finding your vision, identifying your unique selling proposition, and analyzing your business processes, KVUSA will develop a concrete plan of action to take your business where you want it to go. This road map will guide us as we work together to bring the vision to reality.

We will always create a realistic plan that can be accomplished. Each step will build on the previous one, allowing you to gain some of the benefits immediately, while still working with the long-term goals in mind. An example of a simple plan for a small business looking to expand their business might include the following:

  1. Review all marketing materials and signs for a consistent message.
  2. Create a checklist to use when filling orders.
  3. Set up an internet account and start receiving orders by e-mail.
  4. Create a set of answers to common questions about your products. Have the list available to fax or e-mail to potential customers.
  5. Create a software program to enter orders, print packing lists and invoices, and enter payments.
  6. Create a website to advertise your products and provide more information.
  7. Create a full e-commerce website, with on-line catalog, ordering, and product support.
  8. Enhance custom software program to integrate seamlessly with website, so orders are automatically received, packing lists are printed, and invoices e-mailed immediately.
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