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Case Studies

Bride's Mate

Bride's Mate sells wedding invitations on the internet, offering free calligraphy addressing of the invitation envelopes. You can visit their website at www.bridesmate.com. KVUSA provided complete services to establish Bride's Mate's presence on the web and all of the systems to run their business:

Web Site:

KVUSA designed the web site, set up the site on the web host, and provides continuing maintenance.

Wedding Planning Software:

KVUSA created the Bride's Mate Wedding Planning Software, which can be downloaded for free from their web site. Thousands of brides have downloaded this program and used it to plan their wedding. Brides who order wedding invitations from Bride's Mate can upload their guest list directly to Bride's Mate through the program. The guest list is then used for calligraphy addressing of invitation envelopes. Click here for sample screens.

Order Processing System:

KVUSA created the system that receives all of the orders, coordinating guest lists, payments, and shipping of invitations.

Calligraphy Printing System:

KVUSA also created the unique system to provide ultra-high quality calligraphy-style printing of guest addresses on the invitation envelopes. This system handles the huge variety of envelopes and lettering styles available.

Customer Service Follow-Up System

Qualit-E Service Assurance is an Internet-based Customer Service follow-up system for automobile dealerships. Service Record information is extracted from the dealer's existing system (ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds) and sent to our secure web site. Calling Agents follow automated scripts to conduct Follow-Up Surveys. A comprehensive set of reports are available on the Internet to track your customer satisfaction and to respond to Service Problems.

Key Features:

1. Interface to Existing System - We interface to the dealership's existing ADP or Reynolds and Reynolds system. There is no re-keying of any service record information. Customers to contact are determined according to the dealership's individual critera.

2. Completely Paperless - Service Records are downloaded electronically and surveys are completed on the computer.

3. Internet-Based - There is no software to install or maintain at the dealership. They only need Internet access to access the system. Each dealership is set up with their own set of User IDs and Passwords to maintain security and privacy.

4. Real-Time Reports - All reports can be run at any time from any computer with Internet access. These reports will reflect all calls completed up to that instant. The reports will allow the dealership to identify and respond to any service problems immediately, which will improve overall customer satisfaction.

Client Tracker

Created for small law firms, Client Tracker maintains case file information. Reports can be listed for open and closed cases, as well as phone number lists, address lists, birthday lists, and mailing labels. Click here for sample screens.

Debutante: The Quinceanera Guide

Created for and distributed by PMM Promotions, Debutante is designed to help you plan and organize a Quinceanera celebration. Your Debutante can help save you time and frustration by keeping all your event information at your fingertips. With Debutante and your personal computer you can now prepare and update your guest list, keep track of all gifts that you receive, record payments and monitor your expenses. The program's planning calendar provides a timetable for each of your event arrangements and calculates how much time you have to complete these before the Special Day.

Click here for sample screens.

Graduate Applications

This program was created for Washington University in St. Louis. The program tracks applicants to their graduate engineering programs.

Key Features:

  • Enter Applicant information from Application Forms - Name, Address, Phone Numbers, GRE Scores, etc.
  • Tracks the Review Process with Faculty Member, Dates, and Recommendations to make sure applications keep moving throught the review process.
  • Automates the preparation of Acceptance Letters with pre-defined Paragraphs.

HTE Data Program

This program was developed for McDonnell Aircraft to maintain information about the Hornet Test Equipment (HTE) test programs. The information is used to print testing capability reports, TPS revision reports, and HPCR (HTE Problem Coordination Reports) reports.

Key Features:

  • Track Problem Coordination Reports and resolutions.
  • Enter Field Site Support Requests and responses.
  • Enter HTE Testing Capability by SRA.
  • Track TPS Revision levels by individual TPI Volumes.
Special Features:
  • Many-to-many relation between SRA part numbers and Work Unit Codes.
  • Memo Field mini word processor for HPCRs and Field Support requests.

INDEECO Quote System

Created for INDEECO (Industrial Engineering Company), this program manages quotes and sales rep information. Product and Sales Rep information are entered into databases which are used as lookup tables during the entry of quotes.

J.E. Redington Billing

Creating for J.E.Redington Plumbing Company, this program maintains invoices and billing. Invoices are entered and reminders and notices are printed out automatically. Monthly reports can be printed.

  • Invoice numbers are automatically assigned.
  • Pre-defined descriptions can be inserted for repetitive warranty descriptions.
  • Billing is done automatically, with reminders, notices, and monthly statements printed as soon as they are due.
  • A transaction log is maintained for auditing purposes.
  • Payments can be entered separately and will update the invoice status automatically.

Oil Well Billing

Created for JORO, Inc., this program maintains billing records for a company that handles the billing for expenses for oil wells owned by various investors. The program automates the complicated task of allocating expenses from each well to the investors based on a percentage of ownership.

Key Features:

  • Enter Investors, Leases, and Lease Shares.
  • Lookup tables for investor and lease numbers.
  • Complete checkbook register handles all expenses and payments.
  • Automatic deposit of payments - prints deposit slip and breakdown.
  • List Investors, Wells, or Lease Shares.
  • Print a Monthly Billing Recap for each well.
  • Monthly Bills are printed from the Checkbook register expenses. Each investors bill is based on his lease share percentage.
  • Interest may be charged on outstanding balances.
Note: The manual process that was in place before this program was in place was so time-consuming that the person responsible could not finish one month's bills before the next month's bills needed to be started on. With the new program, this process was reduced to three days, with invoices and overdue notices sent out promptly.

Product Link

This program is used by Carpet Co-Op of America (Carpet One, Pro Source, etc.) to distribute product and pricing information to over 700 carpet stores nationwide. Stores can print customized price lists and individual price tags for use in the showroom.

Swim Club Members

Swim Club Members maintains all membership information for the Warson Woods Swim Club - Members, Children, Dues and Fees, Payments, and Tags.

Many reports can be printed, including Registration Forms, Mailing Labels, Tag Lists, Payment Status, and more. Click here for sample screens.

SLBC Remote Polling

Created for the St. Louis Bread Company, this program does remote polling of cash registers in each store from the central office. The polling is scheduled to run automatically at night, pulling in data about each store's daily sales and activity.

Reps Tracker

Created for Industrial Engineering and Equipment Company, INDEECO Reps Tracker tracks their manufacturing representatives. Complete information is kept about each company, including employees and the manuals that each employee has been issued. Several reports can be printed, as well as mailing labels and form letters. Click here for sample screens.

Safety Management/Risk Tracking

Developed for Anheuser-Busch, S.M.A.R.T. (Safety Management and Risk Tracking) is used to track injuries, workers' compensation, and OSHA compliance at the plant level.


  • Detailed and categorized information (up to 9 screens) are entered for each injury or incident.
  • Produces the First Report of Injury as required by each state for Workers' Compensation (each state uses a different form).
  • Prints a variety of Injury Analysis, Summary, and Breakdown reports to allow plant managers to isolate injury factors and monitor sucess of injury prevention measures.
  • Prints Corporate Monthly Injury Report.
Workers Compensation:
  • Workers' Comp case information, including all dollar amounts, is distributed to each plant.
  • Workers' Comp costs can be correlated to each injury.
  • Prints various Workers' Comp reports - Summaries by Month, Quarter, and Year.
OSHA Compliance:
  • Help maintain compliance with OSHA regulations by keeping track of:
    • Material Safety Data Sheets (required for hazardous chemicals)
    • Lockout/Tagout Procedures (for Hazardous Energy sources)
    • Confined Space Procedures

SRENCO Photography Invoice Program

Developed for Srenco Photography, this program prints invoices and maintains a customer list for a small photography business.

Vascular Lab Program

Created for St. Mary's Health Center, the Vascular Lab Program aids in tracking the tests that are conducted in the Vascular Lab Department. The program allow the department to:
  • Enter the test(s) conducted on a patient.
  • Enter whether the patient was Scheduled or a Call-In.
  • Enter the doctor who evaluated the tests.
  • Create a Test Report that sums the tests conducted in a given period.
  • Create a Doctor Report that sums the tests examined by each doctor.

Vascular Patients

Created for Meiners Surgery Group, vascular surgeons practicing at St. John's Mercy Hospital, Vascular Patients is designed to track information about vascular patients to correlate patient history and symptoms with surgical procedures and results.
  • Enter Data for each Patient : General Information, Patient History, Symptoms, Measurement Data, Surgery Information, and Notes.
  • Measurements can be entered for multiple testing dates.
  • Information can be entered for multiple operations.
  • Lookup tables for Doctors, Procedures, Locations, and Complications.
  • Prints Complete Information Report for a patient.
  • Follow-Up Schedule Report lists patients scheduled for a follow-up visit.
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